30 random facts about me

It’s high time for me to introduce myself a little bit better to you Guys. There is no better way, than to make a randoms things about me tag, so here we go:

1. I have a cat, her name is Cat.


2. I live in Breda in the Netherlands, but I’m native Polish.

3. Blogging is my hobby, I have a daily job, that I love.

4. I really love shoes.

5. I love the smell of freshly cut grass in the morning.

6. I’m very fit. I work out a lot. Running and sweating helps me clear my mind. I’m also a part of a bootcamp club.

7. I love Formula 1.

8. I’m not romantic. I cannot help it. I tried.

9. I don’t like to hug. Or to be touched without a reason. I get especially cranky when somebody touches my hair.

10. I love eating jelly powder. I’m also aware that it’s not at all healthy.

11. I always wanted to be a singer, sadly I cannot sing. I do sing a lot, though, especially in the car.

12. I’m short sighted. Usually I wear glasses.

13. I have a group of really great friends that I would die for.

14. I cannot start my day without a coffee. I just can’t.

15. I used to smoke cigarettes in the past, that was really gross.

16. I don’t cook. My boyfriend is far better cook then I am.

17. I am an only child.

18. I cannot sleep when my feet are dry.

19. I used to study Latin and Ancient Greek (how hip is that?).

20. I always wear nail polish, I hate my nails being naked.

21. I watch The Vampire Diaries. I vote for Delena.

22. My birth date is 1st October. I’m 29 years old.

23. I always had good grades at school. I was also very shy and had a very low self esteem.

24. I spend way to much money. I cannot help it, since I love clothes, cosmetics, shoes and bags.

25. On average, you can find 6 pair of shoes in my car. Just lying there.

26. I don’t really like children. They freak me out. Especially the little ones. I don’t know how to deal with them.

27. My name is Joanna, people call me Jo. I never liked it, always wanted to be called Natalia.

28. I cannot stand watching horror movies, I keep my eyes closed, because I’m so scared.

29. I’m a wine lover. I drink a lot of wine.

30. I love writing this blog. 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!


Gam Blash Junkie


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